A Time to Stand
Revoice and the Future of the PCA

The Presbyterian Church in America has faced several challenges in its forty-six year history. It could be argued, however, that none of those challenges has threatened the peace and purity of the church like the one before us now. The sexual revolution has come to the PCA, and it has introduced itself through Revoice, a conference hosted last month by the session of Memorial PCA in St. Louis, Missouri. The stated purpose of the conference has understandably raised many eyebrows around the PCA and the wider evangelical world. The homepage of the official Revoice website states its aim:

Supporting, encouraging, and empowering gay, lesbian, same-sex-attracted, and other LGBT Christians so they can flourish while observing the historic, Christian doctrine of marriage and sexuality.

The Council of the Gospel Reformation Network are deeply troubled by Revoice, though not without sympathy and sincere compassion for those who honestly struggle with same-sex-attraction while seeking to be committed followers of Christ according to His Word. Indeed, we’ve all pastored believers who have left the homosexual lifestyle and are seeking to faithfully live out their new identity in Christ. We are not unaware of the daily challenges that these dear brothers and sisters face in their sanctification. We are also aware of the life-transforming power of the Gospel of Jesus Christ to save and sanctify God’s elect. The Gospel is the power of God unto salvation, and it delivers sinners from the tyranny, deception, and penalty of our sins. Yes, even deeply-rooted sexual sins. Many SSA believers heartily agree, and have expressed that Revoice does not speak for them.

The numerous theological problems with Revoice have been recounted in several informative and biblically-grounded articles, podcasts, and lectures that have been posted online in recent days. I have listed them below, and thus will not repeat their points here. If you are an ordained teaching elder, ruling elder, or deacon in the PCA, I want to encourage you to read and share these excellent resources with your leadership and congregation.

These resources highlight important issues and concerns related to the new “Gay Christian” movement, and how they understand concupiscence, Christian identity, sin, union with Christ, pre-fall and post-resurrection sexual orientation, marriage, family, adoption, spiritual friendship, mortification, repentance, sanctification, and the gospel. Yes, Revoice negotiates more than just biblical anthropology. The doctrinal errors taught at the conference challenge many key doctrines of our Faith and Confession.

The controversy over Revoice and the new “Gay Christian” movement will surely test the mettle of our beloved denomination. Will the PCA end up losing her biblical moorings by embracing doctrine which is a clear departure from the Scriptures? Or will we stand firm upon the unshakable rock of God’s Word? We will soon find out.

There are particular moments in history when Christians are called to stand when the majority of the culture bows— a kind of fiery furnace moment. I believe that we are in one of those moments as it concerns the sexual revolution. The musicians of our culture have begun to play the tune of compromise. Will we stand or will we bow?

My prayer is that PCA presbyters will courageously stand for the truth in the months and years ahead; not only for the glory of God, but for the sake of all those who struggle with sexual sin and long for a mighty Savior who can (and will) deliver them from it.


Resources for Further Study

Torn Between Two Cultures? Revoice, LGBT Identity, and Biblical Christianityby Al Mohler — https://albertmohler.com/2018/08/02/torn-two-cultures-revoice-lgbt-identity-biblical-christianity/

Learning to Hate Our Sin Without Hating Ourselvesby Denny Burk and Rosaria Butterfield — http://www.thepublicdiscourse.com/2018/07/22066/

Revoice: Sliding Into Heresyby Peter Jones — https://truthxchange.com/2018/08/revoice-sliding-into-heresy/

Why “Celibate Gay Christianity” is not Reformed and biblical Christianity: Understanding the Vocabulary and Theology behind the new “Gay Christian” Movementby Rosaria Butterfield — https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xVjj_dDAxLA&feature=youtu.be

CrossPolitic interview with Rev. Greg Johnson, PCA Pastor of host church for the Revoice conference — https://crosspolitic.com/family-meeting-with-greg-johnson-pastor-of-memorial-presbyterian-church-and-host-church-of-revoice-us/