The GRN “Companies of Pastors”

David Strain and Jason Helopoulos discuss the joys and benefits of being part of a GRN company of pastors. To find out more, or to join a company of pastors, CLICK HERE!


During 16th-century Geneva, John Calvin helped cultivate the venerable “company of pastors“—designed to call men to higher standards in ministry, family life, and personal piety. It was a ministerial fellowship that examined biblical and pastoral theology by men who loved the Lord, church, and neighbor.

Nearly 500 years later, the Gospel Reformation Network—in partnership with Twin Lakes Fellowship—seeks to revive the principles of this “company” through smaller companies of pastors.

These groups are designed to provide accountability, friendship, theological sharpening, support in ministry, and encouragement to engage in the work of the denomination. Moreover, attending Twin Lakes Fellowship and General Assembly each year will allow you to grow in ordinary means-of-grace ministry and for you to share your voice at these important venues. Over time, our hope is that this will also have a multiplying effect of increasing the number of faithful and godly ministers in the PCA, so that our beloved denomination might continue to be “faithful to the Scriptures, true to the Reformed faith, and obedient to the Great Commission of Jesus Christ.”

For the further benefits of these companies of pastors, please read “Pastor, You Need Other Pastors,” by Dr. Guy Richard.


Must be a PCA Teaching Elder (pastor) and adhere to the commitments listed below.

Company Commitments*

  1. Be in agreement with the GRN’s seven distinctives for PCA churches
  2. Attend a monthly phone and/or Internet call with your Company (recommend Skype or
  3. Attend General Assembly annually (and meet with your Company)
  4. Attend the GRN Luncheon at General Assembly
  5. Attend Twin Lakes Fellowship annually (and meet with your Company)


  • Company Size: 6–8
  • Companies organized by giftedness, of diverse locations, rapport, and affinity
  • One man will be appointed to facilitate the Company and provide limited leadership

To find out more, or to join a company of pastors, CLICK HERE!