April 1, 2015
"The Whole Gospel for the Whole Man"
  • Jon D. Payne
  • Introducing the GRN Council
  • Affirmations & Denials

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Derek Thomas speaks to the PCA on Sanctification

Leaders within the PCA denomination and the broader Reformed community share their insights on how Sanctification fits into the life of the church.

To encourage an ongoing dialogue, we have developed a list of five questions on Sanctification in which these leaders have responded.

Click here to review their responses

"In regeneration, its Jesus+Nothing;
In justification, its Jesus+Nothing;
In adoption, its Jesus+Nothing;
In glorification, its Jesus+Nothing;
In sanctification, Jesus+Nothing=Nothing.

Sanctification is 100% God, and 100% man, working through the power of the Spirit.”

- Harry Reeder

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